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Ghana National Electrification Scheme was instituted more than 20 years ago aimed at extending the reach of electricity to all parts of the country over 30 year period ending year 2020. Under this scheme, Ghana would need to produce at least 50,000 treated poles annually and also secure additional 30,000 poles for replacement and reinforcement of existing systems. Treated poles are currently being produced locally from teak (Tectona grandis) trees that are mainly obtained from plantations of the Forest Service Division (FDS) of the Forestry Commission and Private plantations. The requirements for wood species to be considered for overhead transmission and distribution poles are much beneficial in terms of their availability, straight forms, adequate weight and good strength, adequate natural durability and amenability to treatment. The use of wood poles has become the preferred option for the Ministry of Energy under the Ghana National Electrification scheme. This development objective cannot be actualised by Government alone; hence the need to recognise the private sector participation in the supply for treated wood poles to meet the energy development objective. It is against this background that Asuboa Wood Treatment was set up.


Asuboa Wood Treatment is a Limited Liability Company, incorporated under the laws of Ghana and located in Ashanti Akim South District of the Ashanti Region.  The main business of Asuboa Wood Treatment is the production and treatment of wooden poles for telecommunication and power transmission lines. The total work force of the company is about 100 personnel which are made up of 60% permanent staff and 40% contract workers.


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