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Operated by our expert team, our forwarding machines are capable of moving up to 8 tonnes of material at a time. Both machines are fitted with low ground pressure tyres, which distribute their weight evenly, helping to reduce environmental impact and minimising ground compaction, especially in wetter weather.

For projects where space is at a premium, we forward using a quad bike and trailer. This enables us to move timber out of smaller areas, whilst still ensuring the protection of the surrounding environment.


We offer a comprehensive range of harvesting services, from cutting and delimbing to clear felling.

Our knowledgeable team are experts in thinning programmes and clearing projects. Using only the latest equipment, and maintaining the highest safety standards, we can professionally cater for all your harvesting needs.

In addition to large scale harvesting projects, we also provide a hand-cutting and pole pruning service. With our specialist equipment, we can safely and efficiently harvest your tall trees and plants, while you keep your feet securely on solid ground.



Long term protection of wood can only be achieved if the heartwood durability is appropriate for the end use and the sapwood has been penetrated by wood preservative.

A number of treatment processes have been used since before the time of the Egyptians and new technologies are being developed all the time. We employ the Vacuum/pressure impregnation (VPI) method which is an industrial process and involves sealing the timber in a vessel capable of withstanding high levels of vacuum and pressure. Various combinations of vacuum, pressure, time and solution concentration are used to achieve the desired level of protection